Olde Drive Blueberry Farm

Our bison

The bison were introduced to the property in 2016.  We started with a bull and three heifers and have grown the herd to more than 16 at a given time.  

The bison are grass fed on the pastures and eat hay during the winter that we harvest from the open pastures on the property. During the winter we also give them oats as a treat which they absolutely love. 

We offer bison meat directly from the farm frozen in vacuum-sealed cuts. All of the standard cuts are available from ground, steaks, roasts to pre-made burgers ready for the grill. Bison meat is very lean and has a flavour similar to beef without the greasy heaviness that can come from cattle beef. 

Currently  we are out of stock, due to a butchering backlog due to the pandemic, but hope to have some in stock soon.