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We would like to update you all to say we are now closed for the season. Thank you to everyone that has come out to pick blueberries. It was great to see everyone again. Hope you all got your freezers full and we will see you all next year.

Hello all,

Sorry for the delay in the season but we are happy to announce that we will be kicking off the 2019 season starting Friday July 19 2019. We will be open from 8am to 6pm everyday while berries are ready to be picked, so please check this site or call for the latest updates on the phone message. We hope to see you out and please don’t forget your sunscreen, bug spray.

Also we now have Bison meat for sale!  It is all frozen and vacuum sealed.  We have a good quantity of pre-made burgers and ground and limited qty of steaks and roasts.  Just ask as you are leaving if you are interested, and we can let you know what we have available.

Hello just a short update we will be looking to kickoff the 2019 season the week of July 15th-19.  If the weather is good mid to the end of this week we will be open.  Hope to see you all out and sorry for the limited updates.



We would like to update you all to say we are now closed for the season. Thank you to everyone that has come out to pick blueberries. It was great to see everyone again. Hope you all got your freezers full and we will see you all next year.

Hi there,

We still have lots of blueberries to be picked! Tell your family and friends to come out and pick some fresh blueberries before the season is over. Hope to see you out.

July 10:


We will be reopening tomorrow July 11 2018 for blueberry picking. We are open from 8am and close at 6pm. Please check back regularly or call in advance for updates. Hope to see you all out. Please use caution when extreme heat is in advisory, take frequent breaks, drink plenty of water and plan your day accordingly. Thank you.
July 8:


Due to the tremendous turnout we had this weekend, the first batch of blue berries have been picked clean. We will be closing to let the next batch ripen. We expect to be open in a couple of days, depending on the weather. Check back frequently or call in advance to be sure. Thank you to all that came out!

July 6:


Due to the warm sun we have been having some of the blueberries have ripened quickly and are ready to be picked.  We have limited amount but are going to start the season tomorrow Saturday July 7th. We will be open everyday from 8am and close at 6pm unless we have to close due to amount of berries, rain, extreme heat, or maintenance of the fields. Please check the websites or call for up to date information. Thank you and look forward to starting the 2018 season. 

July 3:
Hello to our Blueberry family/friends!

I just want to update you that the blueberries are coming along nicely. This beautiful hot and rainy days has helped so much.

We are anticipating in the next week or so, we will be able to open. Please keep checking back to our websites for the official opening date!

Looking forward to another season of seeing our family/friends.

August 8:

Hello, we would like to inform you that tomorrow August 9 2017 will be the last day for Blueberry picking. 

Thank you to all that have came out this year and hope that everyone had a good time picking and we will look forward to seeing you all next year.
July 30 2017:

Hello we will be re-opening tomorrow Monday July 31 as we have had good sun to ripen another batch of berries.  We will be open everyday from 8-6pm but as always please call in advance and listen to the voicemail message incase we close unexpectedly.
July 27 2017:


We would just like to inform you that we will be temporarily closing the picking of blueberries to allow them to ripen and to do some farm maintenance. We have not had enough sun lately to help ripen the remaining blueberries.

Please keep checking back frequently on our websites for updates or calling and listening to the pre-recorded message for when we will re open. 

Thank you for your patience and sorry for the inconvenience.

Hello all we will be kicking off the 2017 season this Thursday July 13th.  We will be open regular hours (8-6) while picking is good.  Hope to see you all out

July 10:

Hello everyone

We would like to inform you that we are preparing everything at the farm to open this week. You should be receiving a phone call/email (if you signed up) of the official opening day! 

Please keep an eye out for the message and keep checking the websites or call us and listen to the pre recorded message for an up to date information of what is happening at the farm. 

We look forward to seeing you all again this year and hope it will be a good year for everyone. 
June 23:
The blueberry bushes are coming along nicely. I have posted a few pictures for you to see. We will keep you all informed when they will be ready for picking. Please keep checking the website or Facebook for updates. Thank you!

May 22:
Hello, we just want to update you all on our blueberries. The blueberry bushes have been pruned back again this year. They are now budding and flowering beautifully! We are hoping for good weather to produce a good crop again. We will keep you all updated as much as possible as we get closer to the blueberry season.


August 10:
Hello we would like to say THANK YOU to all that have come out to pick blueberries this year and to say that we are now closed for the season. We are so happy to see familiar faces return and meet new faces as well. We hope everyone enjoys the blueberries and we look forward to see you all next year. Again Thank you for coming out.

August 9:
Hello everyone, the blueberry season is coming to an end. Today maybe the last day for picking so come on out before they are all gone. Thank you. 

July 8 2016:
Hello everyone!

Sorry for the short notice but the blueberries have ripened faster then we have expected. We will be opening tomorrow Saturday July 9 2016. We will be open at 8:00am and please be out of the fields by 7pm. We hope to see you all out this season and don't forget your bug spray for the mosquitos. 

June 28th 2016:

Hello everyone,
Sorry for the delay in updating the website as it has been a very busy year. 

The Blueberry picking season is quickly approaching and we have been busy getting the patch up and ready. Picking should be ready for mid-July/early August. Please check back frequently and hit the refresh button on your browser to get the latest updates.

Please be aware that there will be construction on the property at the entrance so bear with us this year as we try to get you through the front and back to the patch as easily as possible. We ask that you please stay in your cars and approach the attendants and they will direct you where to go. 

The season looks to be a very good one this year so we look forward to seeing you and don't forget to bring sunscreen, mosquito repellant, and water to stay hydrated. 

Hope to see you all soon.

Aug 14 2015:
Hello we are sorry to say that we do not have any blueberries to be picked. The weather has not been favourable. We would like THANK everyone for their support and we hope to see everyone next year.


We are now closed for the season.

Aug 11 2015:

Hi Everyone we will reopen on Friday August 14 2015. Due to unfavorable weather there is limited berries to be picked. First come, first serve. We will be open only for the weekend and then probably close for the season. Thank you to all for your patience and your support. 

AUG 7 2015:

Hello, we will still be closed for picking till mid next week.  The blueberries haven't ripened enough yet.  Please check back next week for further updates.

Aug 3 2015:

Hello due to the great pickers we had over this long weekend, we have to close for now to allow the blueberries to ripen. We hope to reopen by the weekend but please call or check the website in advance to see when we will actually reopen. Thank you for your patience and we will keep you all informed as best as we can. Thank you. 

July 28 2015

Hello everyone! the full season of Blueberries has begun and we are happy to say we still have blueberries to be picked. Come on out and enjoy the day with your families and pick some beautiful blueberries.

We would also like to take the opportunity to say a huge THANK YOU to all that have come on out already and for the great comments! It makes all the hard work worth it! Hope to see you out with your families.

July 13 2015

NEW!! Hello all, sorry for the delay! This season has been a tough one for the weather!  We are happy to announce that we will be kicking off the 2015 season this Friday July 17 2015.  So come on out and don't forget your sunscreen and due to the very wet season please bring bug spray as the mosquitoes are quite bad this year.  We will then be open every day from there on, but as always please call in advance for day to day changes.

Hello all,  we are busy at work getting the farm ready for our opening.  We have had a rough winter and lost a few plants, but we are pushing ahead.  So far the season is on track and we hope to open by the middle of July.  Check back frequently or call in advance to see if we are open before you come out.

Thanks and hope to see you all out this year 


Aug 20 2014.  Hello all, we are now closed for the 2014 season.  We would like to thank all that came out and made this a great season!  Special thanks to all the comments we have received on Facebook and through word of mouth of how people love our operation.  It makes the hard work worth it.  Thanks again and hope to see you all next season.

July 22 2014. Hello everyone! For the latest update, due to the fact that the bushes are quite full of blueberries we are going to do a trial of staying open later so you can come out and pick longer! We will still be opening at 8am and the last car allowed into the blueberry patch will be at 7pm. Hope to see you soon!

July 13 2014.  Hello all!  The berries are coming along nicely and so we hope to kick off the season this Wednesday July 16th 2014.  Keep an eye on the website and call and listen for the phone message daily for updates.


July 07 2014.  Hello all, sorry for the delay in updating the page.  We hope to kick off the 2014 season by mid July.  Last year we opened on the 14th and we expect that this year will be the same or a bit later due to the long winter.  We hope to see you all out and keep coming to this page or call for the phone message updates.

Some new and exciting additions to the farm this year!  We have Bison!  We have just started the operation and hope to be fully operational in 3 years.  Come out and watch them roam around the pastures.  Also checkout the photos on the new photos page.


UPDATE - Aug 17 2013.  We are now officially closed for the season and all picked out.  Thanks to all that came out and picked and hope to see you out next season.
UPDATE - Aug 5 2013.  We are in full swing.  We are open everyday till the berries are all picked. Picking is excellent, call in advance for any specific details.  

UPDATE - July 23 2013.  The ripening is happening quick!  We will be open starting Wed July 24th to Sunday July 28 from 8:00 to 5:00 pm.  Check back frequently for updates. 
UPDATE - July 22 2013.  We are currently closed allowing the next batch of berries to ripen.  We expect to open July 26-27th, but depending on weather and the ripening we may open sooner so check back frequently.
UPDATE  - July 18 2013.  We will be open Friday - Sunday July 19-21 from 8am to 5pm. Come early to beat the heat.  Please also call in advance for picking availability.
UPDATE!!  July 14 2013.  The first round of berries are gone.  Thanks to those who came out sunday.  We will be re-opening in a weeks time.  Please call by July 18-19 for picking availability.

July 7 2013 - The Blueberries are a bit behind this season due to weather.  We expect to be open in the next 2-3 weeks.
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